Pori Pavilion topping out ceremony

Topping out ceremony was held yesterday for the new Pori Pavilion. Our entry won the competition where the city was looking for a design that is architecturally and technically sound and fits well into the existing environment.

The pavilion is in two main parts. The space in between becomes an axis which visually and circulation wise connects to the symmetrically planned square. The commercial spaces occupy both ends of the new pavilion. The southern side also includes bathroom facilities and storage for the market square users.

The facades of the pavilion are covered with large glass surfaces in order to make the spaces visually inviting and light. On top of the glass a wooden canopy hangs over the structure. It will be a good place to wait for a bus during rainy weather or scorching sun. The wooden wing is lit and will glow warm light to the surroundings. The metal facade portions of the building will have integrated city operated information screens and the roof will be covered with solar panels.