Harppuunakortteli – sustainable housing project

Harppuunakortteli, our sustainable housing project next to Turku Castle, is getting closer to completion. When completed, the Harpoon Quarter will be an ecological and cozy entity of twelve apartment buildings and a block of flats.

Versatile yard functions are located on a three-acre courtyard deck with a running track, play and seating areas, plants, play areas and trick tracks. The courtyard areas have been considered as a whole, both for people and nature. In addition to plants, it also includes butterflies, bees and other insects. Diverse vegetation and regional construction support important species diversity in the urban environment.

The block is the largest renewable energy destination in the Nordic countries. Almost 100% self-sufficiency has been achieved with the help of 800 solar panels and 80 geothermal collection points. Land demolition waste has been utilized in foundations and recycled materials, durability, long life and non-toxicity have been popular in material choices.