Apartment building project on Tuulensuunkatu in Naantali is progressing

TA-Asumisoikeus Oy is building a five-storey wooden apartment building in the center of Naantali, which will house 22 right-of-occupancy apartments. The plot has previously housed the old customs building in the city of Naantali.

When completed, the residential building will serve as a project for the Naantali Housing Fair 2022. On the second floor of the residential building, on the courtyard deck, there is a living and roof garden, where there are farm plots for the residents. On the top, fifth floor, there is a club room, a house sauna and a sauna room, as well as a conservatory serving the residents. There will be two retail spaces at street level, which will be leased to outside operators.

The main façade material of the house is wood. The façade of the first floor is black, tiled natural stone. The station manager’s park and playgrounds implemented by the city will be built in the courtyard of the residential building. Tuulensuunkatu 27 will complement the As. Oy Victoria and the soon-to-be-launched As. Oy Estellen block complex.