EduCity gets a sequel!

We are designing a new modern office building in Kupittaa Science Park.

The 16,500 square meter property is located along Lemminkäisenkatu in the same block as EduCity and forms a cohesive unit with it.

As in EduCity, environmental themes are strongly involved in the design of the new office building. The property will make extensive use of solar energy and aims for the highest Platinum level of LEED environmental certification.

Many different work and office spaces, sports facilities and Werstas, a concept owned by Turku Teknologiakiinteistöt that offers communal workspaces, are planned for the building. Turku Teknologiakiinteistöt and construction company NCC have entered into the project development phase agreement for the implementation of the property. The goal is to begin construction during 2021.