Harpoon block apartment building complex rises near Turku Castle

The residential complex forms a village-like community in a cultural-historical environment. We went on a bike ride to this unique destination with the staff at our Turku office.

When completed, the block will have 12 buildings and will be home to a thousand people. The courtyard is like a small village with a communal block in the centre. In the yard you will find a variety of activities, from gardening to relaxation. The courtyard circle is bordered by a running track, which attracts people to go outside even in winter. Under the yard deck there is parking for 300 vehicles with electric charging points. The storm water in the block is treated centrally in an underground modern storm water system.

The block is the largest renewable energy destination in the Nordic countries. The complex will have a total of 800 solar panels and 80 geothermal heat collection points, which will make the Harpoon block almost completely self-sufficient in energy. Ecology has been thought of from the very beginning of the project. The demolition waste of the houses from the plots has been crushed on site and used in the foundation work. Foam glass, which is a domestic recycled product, has been used as insulation under the car parking garage. In addition, the block will have centralized waste management.

The developer of the project is the Seamen’s Pension Fund and the main contractor is NCC Suomi Oy.

More information on the block’s website: www.harppuunakortteli.fi